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I'm Janna

I live in a small town in central Maine filled with artists, craftsfolk, and farmers. I've been working in clay since 2000 when I took a ceramics class in high school. Although I got a degree in bassoon performance from Syracuse University, I spent most of my free time in the clay studio. After a summer working at Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, I went back to art school.

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All of my work is handmade in my home studio and fired in an electric kiln (and the occasional wood fired kiln!). I use a black stoneware clay layered with slip, underglaze, and monoprinted drawings. It's certainly a labor of love: I spend at least 2 hours making each piece.

Quick monoprinting tutorial

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Spring is spent checking on the bees, waking up the garden, and starting seedlings.

Summer is filled with garden salads, dog walks down to the river, and transplanting perennials.

Fall is busy canning tomatoes, pulling up the final harvest, and putting the garden to bed.

Winter is cozying up to the woodstove, making stews, and snowshoeing through the snow.

Images of my homestead are monoprinted onto the surfaces of my handbuilt pots

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